May the Road Rise with You Free Printable

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may the road rise with you free printable - great for st patricks day and beyond!


Saint Patricks Day has always been one of my favorite holidays and feast days. Not only because my family is very proudly Irish- but Saint Patricks Day is the day before my birthday- and when I was little, I pretended everyone was just celebrating with me a day early. I’ve always loved the celebration of all things green (except green beer- that is just an abomination)- but this year I wanted to make a fun printable that would last long after Saint Patricks Day, and decided to go for the gold and a lovely Irish saying that is great year-round. This May the Road Rise With You Free Printable is adorable as home decor- a card, or even placed on little stickers for Saint Patricks Treats!

may the road rise with you

You can use this basic design lots of ways- just download the jpeg file and print at it’s 8 1/2 x11″ size, or you can add it into other programs like word, iPhoto, or a design program, to make a card or sticker with it.  This is a simple and beautiful enough print it will look great long after you take down all Saint Patricks Day decor!

You can download the free print here: [wpdm_package id=’14750′] 

This Irish saying printable is cute year round- or for st patricks day!

4 thoughts on “May the Road Rise with You Free Printable”

  1. “May the Road Rise with You” is a mistranslation of the Irish benediction “Go n-éirigh an bóthar leat” (the correct translation of which is “May your journey succeed”) and as such is baloney; probably by someone who did not understand Gaelic phraseology.
    This drives Gaelic speakers potty. I am fluent in Gelic and it drives ME potty too. For a full explanation see (Tinyurl link to a posting on the Irish Gaelic Translations website)
    Sorry, folks.

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