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I love to partner with brands I know, trust, and love – and I can’t say enough how much Foster Farms Bold Bites fit into my lifestyle – both because they are portable, easy, and delicious – but also low in carbs, high in protein, and with a commitment to using only natural ingredients and no nitrates.

Finding fresh, healthy, filling foods on the go isn’t always easy – but I can confidently say I am hooked on Foster Farms Bold Bites, and am really excited to tell you about them and why they are a great fit in any busy lifestyle.

I was really excited to partner with Foster Farms to talk about their new Bold Bites Chicken – portable bags of chopped, cooked chicken in craveable flavor combinations that are great for meals on the go, snacks, or as an easy ingredient to toss in your favorite recipes using chopped chicken.

Foster Farms Bold Bites fit my lifestyle perfectly – they are ready-to-eat chicken cooked in a great variety of flavors and cut into perfect bite sized chunks…. and they don’t include any artificial colors, artificial flavors, or nitrates.

While they are great in recipes, Bold Bites are designed to be an easy and filling snack on the go. They are all high in protein, low in carbs, and the chicken comes from local California farmers – so you can feel good about reaching for a bag!

Foster Farms Bold Bites make an awesome addition to meals like salads, stir frys, sandwiches, and wraps – but I like to focus on them as a complete meal when I am on the go.

I love Foster Farms dedication to healthy, all natural ingredients – and how convenient Bold Bites are.

How To Eat Foster Farms Bold Bites

The number one thing I am currently looking for in on-the-go meals and snacks is a dedication to fresh, flavorful dishes that aren’t loaded with lots of artificial ingredients – and I was honestly surprised how much I really love Bold Bites and how they fit into my busy lifestyle.

I was actually provided with samples of Bold Bites for this post, but I have since gobbled up those, and have bought a ton more – the convenience and flavor make them my new favorite go-to option when I need something healthy, filling, and fast.

Some of my favorite ways to enjoy Bold Bites on the go so far:

Skiing. Grab a bag of Bold Bites and a water bottle to stave off mid-day hunger pangs and keep your energy levels up with 15 grams of protein in each bag.

-Running Errands. Toss a bag in your purse for a lengthy trip to the DMV, the bank, or running errands to help avoid the candy jar temptation!

-As a Part of a Light Lunch. Grab some vegetables and fruit and a bag of Bold Bites for a quick and easy healthy lunch you can enjoy anywhere.

-On a Road Trip. Skip the salty beef jerky and sugar filled snacks and grab a bag of Bold Bites for a pick me up that won’t make you crash from the carbs after.

-On the plane. I travel a LOT, and don’t want to pay for super expensive snacks or meals on the plane (most of which don’t fit my current low carb eating plan, and aren’t always flavors I love…) – but on my last trip, I took a bag of Bold Bites with me, so when I was hungry, I could snack on chicken to keep me full and away from regretful snacking.

We took Bold Bites skiing with us – pack a bag and a water bottle, and avoid mid-day hunger pangs!

Where to Find Foster Farms Bold Bites

You can currently find Foster Farms Bold Bites in the western states of: California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii.

Foster Farms Bold Bites can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Save Mart, Lucky’s, Albertsons, and Vons stores.

For more information on Foster Farms Bold Bites, please click here!

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