Pull Apart French Bread Pizza

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Get your kids cooking with you with this pull apart french bread pizza recipe– with sneaky hidden veggies- that the whole family will love! 

pull apart french bread pizza- a delicious dinner your kids can cook!


I love to get my kids cooking with me. My kids love food- just like my husband and I- and now that they are getting older, I love getting them involved in the action. It takes a little more patience to get dinner done when my kids are helping- but it is so much fun. We talk about their days, what things they like to eat, we sample ingredients so they understand where flavors they like come from- and we talk about where we get our food. It is a great way to help my kids learn about food- and we have a lot of fun! 

Admittedly, my three and five year old kids don’t get crazy excited yet about making intricate (or particularly healthy) foods yet. We stick to the basics- and they LOVE pizza. I love dinners that are quick and have hidden veggies- so this Pull-Apart French Bread Pizza is the perfect match for us! 

French bread pizza- this is so delicious and easy!

My trick to hidden veggies is pretty simple- I shred carrots, zucchini, eggplant- whatever I have on hand- and quickly toss it in some spaghetti sauce. I then ask my kids to ladle out the sauce and top with cheese- and they are none the wiser! 

Since frenchbread is pretty thick, I cut it in half, and then cut slices into it- resembling a grid- so I could stuff lots of sauce and cheese deep down into the bread. This allows for lots more flavor- and keeps the bread deliciously crunchy on top and not overly dry. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]pull apart french bread pizza- so delicious!

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