Top 10 Reasons to Visit Poland

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I’ve been to Poland just twice now – but it is better every time I visit. I was waiting for the magic to have faded this trip (my second to Krakow), and it never did – it only shone brighter and became even more magical.

poland is one of my favorite destinations heres my top 10 reasons why


If you’re a history lover, and looking to explore famous battles, conquests, and more – Poland is your place.

From Auschwitz (a tour that is both incredibly moving and also exponentially moving),

to Ksiaz Castle (a gorgeous and incredibly interesting place that is NOT to be missed),

as well as numerous churches, city squares, and WWII sites.


Polish food is seriously underrated – and it shouldn’t be! From delicious, farm-fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables to rich and savory meals – you’ll find something you love in Poland. And it is so budget friendly, you can try it all!

My favorites include:
-Kielbasa (especially when grilled over an open flame outdoors in a market)

-Oscypek – a salted, smoked cheese from the Zakopane region

Friendly Locals

Of all the places I’ve traveled to, I have to say hands down that Polish people are generally the warmest, nicest, and most welcoming (ok, ok, probably tied with Ireland.)

With so many Poles living in the UK and America, there is a strong connection with tourists coming from those countries – and many Poles under the age of 40(ish) speak English and are happy to speak with you in English, or will help you if you can’t figure something (like a Polish-only parking meter) out.

Tourism isn’t as big as some other Western Europe countries where tourists are occasionally looked down on – in Poland, I’ve only ever felt welcome and honestly appreciated as a tourist.

Great Tour Guides

Tour guides in Poland are usually college educated and speak fabulous English – and can help you maximize time, drive you to the best sights, and make sure you understand an often VERY complicated past.

Tour guides are also pretty inexpensive, and flexible with ideas. I’ve used three tour guides in Poland on different trips, and seriously loved them all! (Our last guide, Pawel, was not only fabulous at finding fun things around town – he was so fun to just chat with!)

You can find a guide through the Krakow Travel site, or you can contact our amazing guide that they helped provide for us – Pawel Ciaptacz.


The best vodka bar in krakow- super inexpensive and tons of delicious flavors!

Poland is the birthplace of vodka, and it’s no question you can get some of the best Vodka on earth in Poland (and at prices that you won’t believe.)

Must try: Cherry vodka, plum vodka, hazelnut vodka, bison grass vodka (be sure to add a little to apple juice into it for a truly polish drink!) .

Fabulous Holiday Festivals

Poland knows how to throw a fabulous festival – but NOTHING is better than the Advent season in Poland. From the last week in November to December 23, most towns have vibrant Christmas markets that are full of holiday cheer.

Krakow’s market is a bit smaller (you can easily see all of the booths in an hour) set in the main market square.

Wroclaw’s Christmas market is the largest in Poland – and it is MASSIVE. If you’re really looking at booths, it could take you a couple of hours. Add in some time hanging out in one of the Gluehwein huts, swilling the festive drink with other market-goers, and you can easily spend all night at the market and never get even slightly bored.

Medieval Towns

Poland’s towns might have been through a lot – from invasions,

Budget Friendly

The Dollar to Zloty not withstanding (the dollar goes very far in Poland), Polish products, food, and lodging is incredibly affordable.

You can easily eat multiple courses with drinks and dessert at a Michelin rated restaurant for under $100 – or have a ton of amazing street food for under $10.

Museums are inexpensive – and so is hiring a driver, public transportation – pretty much anything you’re interested in. Tipping is optional, but I am always sure to tip well – it goes a very long way and is VERY appreciated.

Pope John Paul II

Outside of Rome, Krakow is a fabulous place to visit if you’re interested in Catholic heritage and history – especially because it is the home of Pope John Paul II.

There is a comprehensive Papal Museum next to Wawel Castle where you can see countless Papal aritfacts and pieces of history – as well as lots of

There are also over 150 churches in Krakow alone – most dating back hundreds of years with priceless art and artifacts, as well as impressive gothic architecture.

Family Friendly 

Polish cities are safe – and definitely family friendly. Museums cater to kids, and kids are even more likely than adults to make fast friends since most Polish youth are taught English in grade school.

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  1. jonara says:

    If am planing to participate in Gdansk derby. Not only because I like Lechia Gda?sk but also due to the fact, that I love the city as well: . One of the best places to visit in Poland.

    1. Courtney ODell says:

      Gdansk is at the very top of places I want to visit next year!

  2. Tasza says:

    In my opinion, there are much more than 10 reasons to visit Poland. One of them for sure is a place like the American Clinic in Warsaw. It is a part of Medicover Hospital. Many people go to get the Second Opinion, where they can be re-diagnosed, and an objective doctor will offer them an alternative treatment.

    1. Courtney ODell says:

      So many! I love Poland so much – I need to spend so much more time there!

  3. Eva says:

    I think that Poland is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Warsaw is one of my favorite cities of all times. It has so much to offer for everybody! The best part of trips to Warsaw is discovering all the small, cozy restaurants and bars that are almost everywhere. My personal number one is Bubbles Bar in the Old Town. It is a very unique bar, where they serve champagnes and sparkling wines from many place all over the world as well as simple, but freshly made and delicious food. I can’t wait for my next trip to Poland!

  4. Gosia says:

    In Poland there are so many beautiful cities that is really hard to mention all of them. I think that Szczecin is very interesting place. You can start exploring it by visiting 100-year-old renovated Dana Hotel, located in the city center.

    1. Courtney ODell says:

      I absolutely love Poland – I’d love to check out that town too someday!