DIY Faux Milk Glass Pumpkins

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DIY faux milk glass pumpkins at sweetcsdesignscom - a beautiful way to decorate for fall and SO increadibly easy!

Do you love to decorate for fall but orange and black don’t fit into your home decor? I love the look of milk glass– antique white glass items that transition beautifully between holidays so you don’t have to constantly change the look of a room. These faux milk glass pumpkins do just that! You can start incorporating them into your home decor in summer and the harvest months, and keep them up well into winter.

The best part about making your own diy faux milk glass pumpkins is that it takes minutes to get a beautiful antique look that looks like glass- from foam or rubber pumpkins!


DIY faux milk glass pumpkins at sweetcsdesignscom - a beautiful easy way to decorate for fall!


First off, you’ll need plastic or foam pumpkins. I bought some funkins that were an offwhite color with a brown stem- i wanted them completely white.

Next, get a good paint + primer spraypaint in a glossy finish. I really love Valspar spraypaints from Lowes because they have a great locking top so my kids dont get into them!

Using an even spray, go back and forth over the pumpkin, starting at the top and work your way down. Don’t spray to thick or you’ll get drips.

When dry, turn the pumpkin upside down and repeat. Let fully dry (a few hours, depending on where you live and how humid it is).

Add to vignettes, tablescapes, shelves- wherever you’d like to add a touch of fall without taking away from an elegant, antique feel!



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