How To Find The Best Travel Rewards Credit Card

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How To Find The Best Travel Rewards Credit Card – tips to find the best frequent flier or travel rewards card to get free flights, free hotel stays, and more! 



Want to start traveling the world free- without spending a ton of money or tanking your credit?

You’re in the right place!

In this How To Fly Free series, we’re covering all sorts of ways to fast track your travel dreams with travel rewards cards- and in this post, I am going to talk all about how to find the best travel rewards card, since there are SO many out there!





First things first- these posts contain affiliate links.

While I do get a small payment when people signup though these links, this is the exact method I use and I believe in the products I’m linking to- your trust is worth more to me! Also, using these links ensures you some of the best deals you will find. There’s a lot of lower signup bonus cards out there, but I’ve found the best for you!


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Yerevan, Armenia


So, let’s get you traveling the world free!!!

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How To Find the Best Travel Rewards Card


-Write down your objective. Do you want to travel more in the country? Internationally? With one specific airline, or do you want a card that is flexible and lets you transfer points to any airline? Be honest with yourself- if you hate flying with a certain airline, you’ll hate using your points with them.

If you want to fly internationally, but you have a rewards card with an airline that only flies domestic or doesn’t have alliance partners you can transfer points to, your points are basically useless.

I love the Chase Sapphire card because it is so flexible- you can transfer points to airline loyalty programs you already have. There’s a few cards like that, but the Sapphire is one of my favorites! View Additional Airline & Frequent Flyer Credit Card Offers Here for the best rates and rewards.
-Browse offers and find the right fit. For your first travel rewards card, you should focus on what is immediately beneficial to you.

For example- last year, my husband and I knew we were going to attend his brother’s wedding in Tbilisi, Georgia (which is very limited in airlines servicing their airport, and have no direct to United States flights.)

We also knew we wanted to take a vacation before the wedding in Poland, so we went with a rewards card that allowed us to transfer points to United since they flew to all the locations we were going to (be sure to check airline alliances- we flew on star alliance partners for our flights, so even though United didn’t go everywhere we were going, we knew we could book through them using our points.)




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-Know your credit score. Knowing your score can help you save time AND money. A great score helps you get better offers quickly. You want to always be sure you’re not using too much credit, nobody’s used your identity, or if there is any other important information in your score. Monitor it closely- this saves you big bucks!

-Pay attention to signup bonuses. Don’t jump for every offer- look for the best.

I like rewards of 40,000 points and up. I love the ease of getting 50,000 miles off the bat with many Chase cards- the Sapphire point bonus is my absolute favorite. Plus you can transfer points to different airlines, and use them to book travel and unique events, too! View Additional Airline & Frequent Flyer Credit Card Offers Here – so many awesome programs to browse.
There are also some business cards who offer up to 80,000 in rewards points- hello travel in no time! If you have your own business, like I do, that is an awesome fit. View Additional Business Credit Cards here – and look for one that fits your needs! Many of these also come with purchase protection, concierge services, and extended warranties on things you purchase- and up to 3x points to help you get traveling even faster.
-Look closely at the terms. Just opening up a credit card doesn’t get you 50,000 points- you have to hit minimums in spending in the first few months.

Miss those, and you’ll miss a huge deal!

Signup bonuses can be very appealing- again, I personally LOVE Chase’s Sapphire Card because it comes with a large signing bonus (50k when you hit minimums and add another user to the card), AND you can use them with frequent flyer programs you already belong to- so you have lots of flexibility in using points. There is one huge caveat though- you have to actually hit the spending minimums. If you don’t, you’ve opened a new card for nothing.

Be sure you know what the minimums are before opening the card, and be sure it makes financial sense to open it.

Don’t just rack up charges to get $400-$800 in travel free- that actually makes travel a lot more expensive, not less. However, if you know you’re going to spend the minimum regardless, go for it!



Be sure to head to my posts in this series and bookmark them or share to facebook so you can find them quickly for future use!

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