How To Fly Free

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How to fly free– tips and tricks to hack your travel! How to use travel rewards credit cards to travel the world free – including tips to get the most points and the best travel credit cards!

How to travel free - really!! Simple tricks to hack your travel and quickly get free flights!!!


This post contains affiliate links that help me offset the cost of running Sweet C’s. However- the links included will also help you find the best deals- which is a crucial part of maximizing points for free travel! I’m excited to partner with a trusted site to ensure you’re getting the best deals at no additional cost to you, while earning a tiny bit from each signup through my site. 


I love to travel. It’s like a disease- the travel bug just doesn’t leave me alone. Near, far, plane, or car— I just like to go, go, go.

I love to see new lands, eat new foods, and experience the world in new places.

To me, traveling is a great way to challenge myself and learn more about who I am, how our world works, and what I feel about our beautiful world and the people in it.

Here’s the thing though- that all sounds fantastic. But… like…. budgets.

Travel isn’t cheap!

Especially international travel.

Throw two kids into the mix, and it’s almost impossible!!

So how on earth do my husband and I travel free? And sometimes with our family of four… internationally? Easy!

We rock our travel rewards credit cards!

Sure, it’s easy if you travel a lot for work (on someone else’s dime, in a situation where they allow you to accumulate the points), but how does a normal, non-rich family travel free?


HOW TO (1)


Simple…. we’re points addicts, and we have developed a system that will work for your family!

Seriously- we’re really good at using frequent flier cards for flights.

By being savvy points users, we’re improved our credit reports AND banked some amazing world-wide travel, FREE!

I learned a lot of these methods from my brother in law while he was in law school (as in, he did NOT have extra cash to splash around and spent the little cash he had on traveling to see his now wife- he lived in Chicago and she was in Germany while they dated.)

He is the king of travel points, and I’ve studied his ways to help you learn how to find the best deals!



Wawel Castle Krakow- I love visiting here.

Last year, my husband and I went to Krakow and Tbilisi (just the two of us), and this year we’re going to Ireland and Germany with our kids- all free*.

*Full disclosure- we still had to pay taxes and airport use fees (not really a way to get around that- remember to use your points card to at least get double rewards for travel purchases!!), but the entire trips were under $300 for a family of four.

We even got a free rental car for our Ireland trip, and will be staying a few nights free in Germany! (Again, excluding local taxes and use fees. No way around that.)



Upper Bethlehem Cathedral with Sameba in the background, Tbilisi Georgia copy
Upper Bethlehem Cathedral, looking out over Tbilisi


So- want to learn our secrets for how to maximize free travel without killing your credit (and actually improving it?)

You’re in luck- because I am spilling it ALL!!


Sunset at the beach - Seaside Florida
Seaside, Florida at sunset


First things first- these posts contain affiliate links.

While I do get a small payment when people signup though these links, this is the exact method I use and I believe in the products I’m linking to- your trust is worth more to me!

Also, using these links ensures you some of the best deals you will find. 

There’s a lot of lower signup bonus cards out there, but I’ve found the best for you!

Don’t waste your time chasing rewards programs that take forever! Using this method, you’ll have enough points for two people to travel roundtrip internationally free, in about three to four months.


La Crema Winery in Sonoma County
Vineyard at Sunrise, Sonoma County California


So, let’s get you traveling the world free!!!

Follow through the links below to get you on your journey.

It helps to go in order, starting here, but isn’t necessary.

Be sure to share these on Facebook or bookmark this series so you can find them again easily- there is a LOT of information you won’t want to miss! 

-How to Fly Free

-How To Find the Right Travel Rewards Card

-How to Use Rewards Cards for the Most Points

-How to Use Rewards Points to Fly Free

-How to Get Even More Rewards Points

-How to Keep Your Good Credit When Opening Cards

-Find the Best Credit Card to Travel With







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