Irish Blessing Chalk Printable

Free Irish Blessing Chalk Prinatble #stpatricks #printable #chalkboard

irish blessing chalk printable

When I first started my blog, I shared a sweet printable of an Irish blessing I have loved for a long time. I LOVE St. Patricks day, and the celebration of all things Irish. I grew up in a proud Irish family, married a man with the last name O’Dell, and have two babies we named after Irish saints (who you can read about here and here for some fun history).

We’re kind of a bit obsessed, you might say.

I first heard this blessing… well probably as a kid from my Irish grandmother or great aunts and uncles, but again when I was in Ireland, and then our priest at our wedding shared this blessing right before we left the church.

Since the old printable was such a hit I wanted to add some other special touches for you to print and love in the lead-up to St. Patricks day… like some delightful chalk fonts, celtic knots, and a claddagh image.

(Love the Claddagh? Stay tuned because I have more coming!!)


Print this design and place by your door to share your blessings with those leaving your home, or wherever you’d like to add a few lovely thoughts. You can also add a lucky horseshoe to your display- opening facing up- to “capture” good luck.

What is your favorite Irish blessing? There are so many it’s hard to pick just one… but this for me is it!

If you’re in need of an easy and tasty oh-so-irish side dish, check out my delicious (really) caramelized cabbage and onion recipe here!

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8 thoughts on “Irish Blessing Chalk Printable”

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  2. This blessing 1st found me on the back of a dentist’s business card 43 years ago. I have this in a cross stitch a long time ago, but first and foremost always keep close to me heart…I am not Irish, but I love this blessing. Thank YOU!

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