Batmobile Cozy Coupe Refashion


What little kid doesn’t want to be a super hero? The cool capes, the rad theme song, a trusty sidekick- and some awesome wheels. If you’re Batman, you get the best of all- the Batmobile. And what kid doesnt want a kid’s Batmobile? Luckily with a cozy coupe kids car, you cab get your little caped crusader swinging around the block in style in just about no time at all with this awesome way to make your own Batmobile.

All it takes is a little paint, spray paint or vinyl and a printer, exacto knife or a cricut and the Batman cartridge and you’re on your way!

Now, since there was no tutorial for this wonderful gem I saw on Pinterest (after hours and hours of searching), I came up with my own- and while cursing under my breath at my method, I came up with a few other ideas as well that would save you from a visit by the f-bomb fairy. She and I are tight after this logo, let me tell you.

Even though I had a few stumbles, the whole project took less than 45 minutes, minus drying time. If you use vinyl, it would be an under 20 minute craft- you really can make it quickly!!

First off, I took this funky cozy coupe my mom found at a thrift shop for $7.

(note my son’s relaxed driving apparel)

I spray painted the entire thing using 2 cans of Krylon fusion spray paint- it goes on smoothly and sticks to plastic without priming or sanding. I did try another brand, but it dripped pretty badly. Overall, spraypainting the car black took like 5 minutes and was super easy.

After letting it dry for 30 minutes, I thought it was done, and my son excitedly ran to grab it. Big mistake- and major catastrophe. I’m writing about the aftermath tomorrow.

A few hours later, it really was completely dry, and I cut out a batman logo shape from the Cricut Batman Cartridge with my cricut onto some plain white paper. I used the inverse of the shape and the outline to use as a spraypaint stencil that I taped to the car.

I wanted the logo to be spraypainted on- but while I love the final results, it was a major pain. More on that in a bit- but here’s how the stencil looked taped on:

I then carefully painted the logo in yellow, trying to avoid drips. Unfortunately, drips happened. They happened something fierce, and the stencil lines got pretty funky.

If you get drips, or uneven edges, you can do what I did and fix it by hand. I sprayed a bunch of paint in a paper cup and painted it on by hand, which worked great- but it wasn’t the easiest or least stressful way to do it. You have to be careful when handpainting with spraypaint to not add too thick a layer- or it all scrapes off- kind of like what happens when you add nail polish on too thickly.

Instead of spraying on the logo, you could either make some out of tape or vinyl and adhere it to the car- or you could spray yellow paint into a paper cup and stencil it on with a stencil brush or sponge. You could also use yellow enamel paint- but acrylic might not fare as well outside as the plastic spray paint or an enamel.

To finish it up, I painted the wheels a metallic color to look like chrome… every little boy needs a chromed out car, right?

I still need to do a slight retouch to the lower left hand side (I am waiting for another night of dry time as the more I painted it, the more paint peeled off since it was still wet), but I love it!

Little man loved how it turned out, too:

What do you think?

make a #batmobile from a thrift store kids car- only 40 minutes of active time to be the coolest mom on the block at! #batman #kids #cricut

Have you done any kids toy refashions? Please leave me a link to them- I’d love to see them!

72 thoughts on “Batmobile Cozy Coupe Refashion”

  1. I think it’s amazing and I’m gonna try tomorrow morning but had a question how it the paint holding up now after these many years

  2. Woooow…I can’t believe you actually made a tutorial on how to do something so EASY…you said so many steps!..just buy the freaking thing, paint all of it black, print a batman logo, cut it into a templet and paint it in…how freaking hard is that?!?!?, I just lost 10 minutes of my life reading your step by step, its not brain surgery…what are you going to tutorial next…how to make a bowl of cereal!!! Seriously you suck.!!!

    1. Wow You are ass, if you knew how to do it then why did you read it in the first place. I think most of us had an idea what to do. I believe the autohor was trying to help by telling what worked well, what didn’t , what may work better, type of paints, etc which is exactly what I was hoping for. Didn’t your mother ever teach you “if you don’t have anything nice to say , keep your mouth shut”?? Talk about waste of time, you really must have nothing fulfilling in your life if you sit around and read how to articles about things you claim you know how to do and TROLL the comments.

      1. Why would you tape any off it off?? Its all going to be black anyways?!?!?!!!! And you didn’t even tape of the rims when you painted them, now the plastic tires also got chrome on them, look at your pictures, messy…no common sense

        1. What a nasty person you are Ron Stevens! Why did you bother to comment on this, not just once but twice! If it was such a waste of your time reading it, why did you!!

          Lots of people like to have a tutorial to have a look at, even if they know what to do, it’s called “being interested” and not being such a b*****d to people who have done you absolutely no hard at all!

          Good luck to you Courtney! I won’t be using your tutorial but I would if my boys were still small – and I’m sure lots of other people will be glad of your advice. Well done.

  3. Super cute! I’m hoping you can help us out as we try to make our son’s cozy coupe over as well. We’re finding that the spray paint is scratching off *very* easily. ๐Ÿ™ Any ideas why?

    1. Hey Beth- which type of spray paint did you use? Ours did scratch (I need to repaint this summer), but that was after more than a year.

      I used Krylon plastic spraypaint which helped cut down on scratches. Also, let it “cure” in the hot sun for a few days before playing in it- it will help the paint bond. It will dry quickly, but letting it set will help scratches. Also, you might want to see if you can find an outdoor spraypaint with primer if that doesn’t work- some cozy coupes are a little less pourous. Ours was pretty old and worn, so the paint stuck well.

  4. For the batman logo, you mentioned it dripped when you spray painted the yellow. Did you lay it on its side and do it? Thinking maybe that’d take care of the drippage?

  5. Hi! Thank you for posting such an awesome tutorial! I can’t wait to try it! Does the black get too hot in the sun? I’m not sure where you are but I’m in Texas and I’m a little worried that it might get too hot for my little one on our 100 degree days. Do you know anything about heat resistant spray paint? Thanks in advance for any input you may have!

  6. This is so awesome! You have given me yet another project to add to my “when the snow melts'” list. My little guy would love one of these. Your blog is great thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi – I’m curious what brand of cozy coupe this is? The ones I’ve found are only Little Tikes, either a newer style with big googly eyes, or an old style with horrible wheels. Let me know – thanks!

  8. I’m curious about how well the paint has held up in the six months since you posted this tutorial.. Would you still recommend painting it?

    1. Hey Krystyna! I definetely would still do it again. Our little man is ROUGH with it- it has gone flying off the patio, into the (unlit) firepit, in the garden and been in snow, hail and rain. There is a little bit of wear on some edges and at the bottom, but otherwise, it looks great! Nothing a little touch up can’t take care of.

  9. I just finished one for my son, and found an alternate way to make the Batman symbol that is cheaper, less messy then paint, and takes less time.

    First off, to paint the car black I ended up using almost 2 full cans of the Krylon spray paint. Seems like it took quite a bit to cover up all of the existing color. We also noted that the paint seemed to scrape off easily (as noted above), but it should be fine for Christmas morrning (and after a few days in our backyard ot would look like that anyway).

    For the Batman symbol, instead of getting the yellow spray paint (which $5 a can for the Krylon at Walmart), I bought a flexible yellow plastic “Yard Sale” sign at Lowes for $1.29 (Check out and look for item number 61491). I found an outline of the Batman symbol online (just do a Google search for “batman symbol outline”). I copied the symbol into a Microsoft Word document and sized it out for the symbol to be about 7″ wide. After printing, I cut out the oval symbol, then the interior bat outline from the printout. I used this cutout as a guide to cut out 2 oval shapes from the sign, then traced the bat symbol within both ovals using a pencil. Lastly, I used a black permanent Sharpie to fill in the bat symbol on both ovals. I plan on using a hot glue gun to put them on the car doors (not sure how well they will hold, but they can always be glued back on).

    Thanks for the awesome idea – my 2 y/o is going to love it Christmas morning !!

  10. WOW! GREAT JOB! I made my newborn and 3 year old a batman pumpkinmobile (100lbs pumpkin) and they were ((haha.. okay, the 3 year old)) upset when I had to throw it out… This will make him so happy!
    Did you spraypaint the yellow over the black? I’m sleep deprived from the newborn, so I might have missed something.

  11. Pingback: Na na na na na na na na …..Cole’s 1st birthday! | blog, shmog.
  12. I am going to try this tomorrow. My idea was this, spray the doors yellow FIRST, then apply a contact paper cutout of the logo, and spray the whole thing black. Peel the contact paper and viola! I will try to remember to post the results!

  13. My husband and I made our 4 year old a Cozy Coupe that looks like Lofty the Crane from Bob the Builder. You can see a pic on my blog (

  14. Brilliant! We bought an older car at a garage sale for my daughter’s birthday, but it’s a little faded and sad. I can’t wait to paint hers, and this idea is AWESOME!! Thank you soo much!

  15. We painted our hand me down Little Tyke playground because it was so faded. The plastic spray paint went on great and looked amazing, but after 4 months it’s chipping something fierce. There’s actually a little disclaimer on the can saying it doesn’t really work on Little Tyke stuff. Didn’t notice until after the fact…

    The car looks amazing though!

  16. This has inspired me to paint my son’s very faded pink (albiet FREE) playhouse that is a current eyesore in our back yard! I wasnt sure which paint I could trust to adhere to that plastic until now, thanks

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this! My daughter is going to be batman for Halloween (I got her one of those absurdely cute batman tutus that are floating around Pinterest) and I’m hoping to convert her current trike motorbike thing into a batbike(?).

  18. LOL my son has those pj’s ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow yeah I would be dropping words too if I had done that – crazy cute though ๐Ÿ™‚ That you found it at the thrift store for $7 dirt cheap is also amazing. Kuddos for taking the cool idea and turning it into a reality.

  19. My son LOVES this idea! He saw it over my shoulder while I was cruising pinterest. Thanks for the added effort to show us ‘how to’ make our own.

    1. Thanks, April! It’s holding up great! While my paint lines weren’t perfect, it is holding up beautifully. I think vinyl, while much easier to apply, might not be as tough as plastic fusion spray paint with a rambunctious 2 year old.

        1. Oh Jen, I never thought of that! That would be PERFECT! Its not super pricey like vinyl but would cling well. I would just let the black paint cure overnight if you used contact paper so it doesnt peel any of that off.

  20. so cool, i was just outside yesterday staring at the one i bought for my grandson thinking i needed to paint it but had no idea what color. Now i do. thank you so much. Gonna cut batman in vinyl.:)

  21. Ok, this is ADORABLE! I cannot tell you how many times my son forces me to be Robin in a day! I don’t know if I would ever by able to get my little batman out of it! Glad to see all the paint got off your little boy! : )

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