Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Texas

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Cadillac Ranch art exhibit, outside Amarillo Texas

Cadillac Ranch, a quirky roadside stop in Amarillo, Texas, is a bright and fun art installation great for stretching your legs on a long drive through Texas.

Cadillac Ranch, Just outside Amarillo

Recently, I drove with my mom and my kids from our home in Northern Colorado to my parents new beach house in Seaside, Florida. While it was a long two day trip, it gave me the chance to check off another state from my 50 state list- I have only North Dakota and Alaska to go- and gave us a chance to see some cool and quirky stops in Texas.

Cadillac Ranch, Texas

Just outside of Amarillo, I made my kids run out in the hot afternoon to go and check out Cadillac Ranch- an art exhibit in Amarillo’s outskirts that consists of half-buried Cadillacs that have been painted (and spray painted) vibrant colors. It was just after the torrential, flooding spring rains that wreaked havoc all over Texas- but we were lucky to only see a little flooding and mud while checking out Cadillac Ranch.

It was a fun place to stretch our legs, check out some funky cars, and enjoy what was left of the sun before an amazing Texas sunset. After checking out the cars, we pulled off for some Torchy’s (you MUST head to Torchy’s when near one in Texas, their queso and tacos are possibly sent directly from heaven, and their local-made fountain drinks are so good!)

Tex Mex Inspired Recipes

I love making one pot cheesy taco skillet and taco seasoning they remind me of the amazing food in Texas!

If you want a taste of Texas and south of the boarder try these favorites:

Cadillac ranch- I love this quirky road trip stop!  copy

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