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Can you hear it? Can you feel it in the air? Yes folks, that time is upon us… it quickly became WEDDING SEASON! As your calendars begin to fill, registry lists crowd your purse, and your pinterest boards are jam-packed with shower and reception ideas, flower arrangements and cake pictures, I’d love to share with you a simple, sweet idea for a Wedding Shower activity that was actually done for me at my wedding shower- which we still display in our kitchen to this day.

All you need to do is set out a bunch of cheap wooden spoons. You can find them in bulk at IKEA or any craft store for under $10.

Also place sharpies or other permanent markers, of any color, on a table, and ask guests to give the happy couple their best relationship advice.

As this was from my wedding shower thrown in California for me by my family, these were all extra special to me. I love being able to see all the sweet words they left for us- especially whomever wrote to “cook with love- and use the good wine!!!!”.

When done, place the spoons in a mason jar, vase, or any sweet holder that would match the couple’s decor so they can keep the spoons close by!

I absolutely love this idea, and am so glad my mom thought of this for our shower!

Such a great idea- have guests at a wedding shower write advice to a couple on spoons. The couple can keep long after the wedding as a lovely reminder of the friends who love and support them!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    July 14, 2014
    So cute! Do you think I could use resin spoons? Also does the writer sign her name?

  2. Amy says:

    That is a great idea. I guess you could put clear varnish over them to make them last forever?

  3. Anne says:

    Cute idea! Are you able to cook with the spoons?

    1. Courtney O'Dell says:

      I suppose you could, but it would probably wash off the words… so I wouldn’t.