Sequin Christmas Trees

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Quick and easy Sequin Christmas Trees are one of the most fun Christmas decorations you can make for your home or to give as a gift!

Grab some styrofoam trees, some pins, some sequins, a couple of jingle bells and a good movie… let’s make these pretty trees!

While these trees are inexpensive and easy, they are a bit time consuming. Pinning every single sequin in, individually, can take about 1/2 hour to 1 hour- but it’s pretty mindless, so do it while watching your favorite tv show or a movie! Also, I’d recommend waiting until the little ones are in bed before working with so many pins.

Sequin trees by are an easy craft you can make!

The concept is really very easy- pin the sequins in to the tree! Most sequins you find at the craft store will have a small hole in either the center or at the top. Pin directly through the sequin into the tree- and do that a zillion more times. I made sure there weren’t any spaces by overlapping the sequins.

When done, you will have a little empty space on top like a peak of a mountain. With a little hot glue, add a few different sized jingle bells (sold conveniently right next to sequins at most craft stores), and you are done!

The texture of these trees is absolutely lovely up close. They look really expensive- I have seen similar trees in boutiques for over $30 a piece! They look wonderful near tealights and twinkle lights- the light shines off in beautiful ways.

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