Spicy Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Chorizo, cheesy eggs, fresh tortillas, and lightly tangy crema make these delicious spicy egg and chorizo breakfast tacos a hearty, flavorful meal your family will love! 

Spicy breakfast tacos- these are delicious, spicy, and so good!


There is nothing that wakes me up better on a rough morning than a delicious, comforting, hearty– and spicy– meal.

I love chilaquiles, chorizo burritos, and skillets full of spicy sausage- but I don’t often make breakfast tacos.

Until now.

I don’t know if I was living under a rock, but I hand’t come across uncooked tortillas in the grocery store before. Sure, I’ve made my own tortillas from scratch- and they were delicious- but let’s face it – when you’re nursing a wicked hangover or dealing with early morning grumpiness, making your own tortillas fresh just isn’t going to happen.

So when I stumbled across some at Walmart (this post isn’t sponsored, I promise — I am just giddy about finding pre-made, preservative free stuff) I was super stoked to try out a delicious, smaller take on a local burrito joint’s delicious cheesy, egg-y, chorizo packed tacos.


spicy breakfast tacos- these are so easy and delicious!


My husband and I couldn’t believe the difference freshly cooked tortillas made. I’ve always loved corn tortillas, but let’s face it- they get super dry. It was so easy to toss the uncooked tortillas on a cast iron skillet pan, let them heat (and get puffy!!!), flip them, and then serve up a bunch of delicious food into them. They are most definitely worth the extra steps- and they help cut down on the amount of preservatives you’re taking in!

I found TortillaLand uncooked corn tortillas at Walmart in the Hispanic foods refrigerated section (with the chorizo and Crema Mexicana in this recipe as well- no searching all over!)


These breakfast tacos are so delicious and full of flavor!

Spicy Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Tacos


My favorite hearty breakfast- these spicy breakfast tacos are full of flavor!

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