Street Art, Cork, Ireland

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Take a peek at some of my favorite Street Art in Cork, Ireland – a bright and funky town in Ireland’s south that is full of beautiful graffiti works of art, colorful buildings, a winding river, and tons of charm!

Street Art, Cork Ireland - love this funky town!



One of my favorite things to check out in European cities (and some quirkier American cities) is street art.

Often times in America, we (misguidedly) typically think of graffiti and street art as a sign of bad neighborhoods- but so many bustling, beautiful cities in Europe have bright and colorful street art all over – and in places like Cork, Ireland, it’s an artistic expression – anything from political commentary, big bright murals, and funky alternative signs for stores is painted on the town’s old buildings, adding tons of color to the city.


Cork Ireland, along the River Lee


Just a short walk from Saint Fin Barre Cathedral is an awesome wood boat maker whose warehouse opens to a side alley spotted with street art.

My dad wanted to check out some of the wooden boat operations, and my cousin and I were really excited to check out some awesome alley murals alongside the warehouse.






They even got in the act themselves with their name and some sayings on the fences leading into the shop in spray paint.




We loved walking down the colorful street to see some awesome art, like a big and bright rooster, some faces, and cartoon characters.





Back up the street, right next to Fin Barre Cathedral (to the right of the entrance, next to the labyrinth) is a walkway covered in bright graffiti, some depicting the Rolling Stones Cork tour (which was in the sixties…. but why not?).





The juxtaposition between the old brick and rock, beautiful ivy cascading down the alley walls, and the bright colorful graffiti was really intriguing to take in.





The murals were intensely realistic and bright – there is a ton of beautiful work like this all over the city – and to have such funky art on the walls right next to an old church…. only in Cork!
Rolling Stones Cork graffiti, Cork Ireland




Cork graffiti, Ireland





street art, Cork Ireland


Even the signs and buildings in Cork had a really cool street art vibe!







I loved how unique and colorful my ancestral hometown Cork was – and I definitely know where I get a little bit of my funky quirks from!


I can’t wait to go back to Cork someday and explore more!




I love Cork so much – it is so bright and fun, even though it’s often rainy and gray. It definitely has a bit of a gritty side, but is full of warmth and character.

Cork was one of my favorite towns in Ireland, and I can not wait to go back someday!


street art, Cork Ireland - so colorful and amazing!


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