The One Where I Get Serious…

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Ok, y’all, I am about to get political.

No, I am not going to push a candidate on you- but I would like to push an IDEA on you. I want to ask you, to plead with you, to go VOTE.

I know it is Halloween, but to me, as a former political operative, Halloween means one thing to me: THE ELECTION IS CLOSE.

During the last presidential election, I was working in politics (I did political fundraising and managed political operations for a multi-state association- basically I was a lobbyist- but for a great group and before that I worked for a United States Senator).

Politics had never been more important for me- or more exciting. Now during this campaign cycle it seems so much more critical.

When I vote in this election, I am thinking of my babies. It makes everything so much more important.

So what did I do? I voted! And now I am begging, pleading with all of you to go vote. Read up on the issues you care passionately about and find someone that fights for those issues everyday.

What are you waiting for? Go vote, people!

Little known secret: when you vote, your county clerk removes you from the current voter roster (because you already voted, so you cant vote again until the next election). Campaigns are given those lists to know who to keep calling to get them to vote (they can’t see how you voted, just that you turned in a ballot). When you vote, the calls stop. It is glorious, especially if you live in a swing state like me in Colorado.

If you are especially fond of the candidate that your party is represented by, it also helps them. They can move resources to other people.

So what are you waiting for? GO VOTE! And if you don’t like the candidates at the top of the ballot (you aren’t the only one) READ about the candidates running for state and local offices. The people who run for President first ran for Governor, Senate, or Congress- and a lot before that ran for State Senator or State Representative, and so on.

All politics are local- and the people you like might not get to where you’d like them to be if you don’t help them.


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4 thoughts on “The One Where I Get Serious…”

  1. Hi Courtney!

    I just discovered your site today while “googling” for a voting sign! So happy to say I found a sign AND a wonderful new site to revisit! 🙂

    Thanks so much for allowing us to share!

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