Coffee Soaked Bread Pudding

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Quick, easy and delicious Coffee Soaked Bread Pudding is an unforgettable dessert that can be made in a big pan or individual sized pans for an indulgent treat every espresso lover will enjoy!

This coffee soaked bread pudding is so delicious and easy!


To my husband and I, coffee isn’t just a thing we like. It’s a lifestyle.

I’m not joking- we love single origin artisan coffee, and have spent a ton of time acquiring gourmet coffee equipment. We love how amazing coffee can taste when made right- it’s one of my favorite indulgences. We’ve found that with really well made coffee, we don’t need to use milk, syrups, or coffee creamer anymore (except if making something fancy)- because the beans flavor really shines.

I love cooking with coffee, sipping and relaxing while I indulge in a cup in the morning– and baking with coffee, just like with the recipe for coffee soaked bread pudding I am so excited to share today!

It is rich, slightly sweet, chocolatey, and full of rich coffee flavor. It’s perfect- and a great way to celebrate the release of the incredibly chic new craft coffee line from KitchenAid.


This coffee soaked bread pudding is so delicious- you wont believe the secret ingredient!

Really good coffee isn’t always easy- it can be a pain in the butt to wait patiently for pour overs or other equipment. I was super excited when KitchenAid announced their new line of Artisanal Coffee machines…. I seriously drooled over everything!


KitchenAid Logo


Their machines look beautiful, in addition to making delicious coffee a breeze. 

Who could ask for anything more- especially if you love coffee as much as I do!

I love making delicious meals with coffee, not just drinking it, and it’s just as important to have delicious, high quality coffee when you are making dinner or desserts with your favorite beans as it is with your morning cup of joe- you want a well balanced flavor that isn’t bitter- so making a perfect cup is still very much a priority.

The new coffee line from KitchenAid makes it so easy!



I love how sleek, modern, and bright everything looks! And hello, that precision press machine is gorgeous!! I want one so badly.

I’ve really wanted a siphon for a long time, and the KitchenAid siphon it would be perfect for this recipe!

Siphons have a big intimidation factor even though they produce a beautiful cup of coffee- but I like how KitchenAid took a lot of the complication of a siphon out with this model!

KitchenAid Siphon


I am saving up for these- they would look gorgeous in our newly remodeled kitchen. We’re in the market for a new Burr grinder, and I really love how beautiful KitchenAid’s is. (If you don’t have a burr grinder, you need one! It grinds your beans and drops them to a small compartment instead of older coffee grinder styles, so you get the same size grind for everything instead of having the stuff at the bottom really fine and quite rough up top. It is essential for perfect coffee every time!)

This recipe is just as easy as making the perfect cup of coffee- and I love that it’s super easy to divide it into small, individual sized pie pans for a dinner party.

If you love a bit of coffee after dinner as much as I do, you’ll love this decadent dessert!


Coffee soaked individual bread puddings- so delicious and easy!




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This delicious coffee soaked bread pudding is so tasty and easy!



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  1. Those KitchenAids look so cool and this bread pudding… oh my! This is the perfect time of year for making desserts like this I think. It sounds amazing. Perfect for indulging a little while curled up under a blanket on the couch!

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