Easy 4th of July Fun Basket- keep kids happy waiting for fireworks!

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keep kids happy at picnics or waiting for fireworks- this is an awesome idea! Fill an entire basket of red white and blue fun for under $20

When I was in my 20’s, I remember a park we used to go to all the time to watch fireworks. I lived across the street, so I never had to put much effort into finding a spot for the fireworks show- especially as the park they shot them off in was pretty flat. The one thing I remember clearly was all of the parents struggling to keep their kids- who had been camped out for HOURS to get a good spot- happy, comfortable and at a noise level under screaming. Seriously. Now that I have two kids, I can sadly say I have officially been “that mom” and this year, I want to be prepared to keep my kids happy (or at least occupied) this 4th!

We have a lot of really fun events we are planning in Beaver Creek on vacation- but there will be a lot of downtime during picnics and waiting for fireworks. We’re also heading out to a few pre-4th parades, and need some fun ideas to keep our kids happy, entertained, and full of pride for our country. So I made this easy 4th of July fun basket to keep my kids happy while waiting for fireworks!


This might look like a pretty expensive basket, but in truth I got all of the goodies at the Target dollar spot or the front aisle of Joann Fabric and Crafts (where you can find TONS of holiday things that are heavily discounted far before the holiday). This basket cost under $20 and has lots of fun for both my kids. The trick is- you can’t wait for these seasonal items! They usually sell out LONG before the holiday is even on the horizon, so head in to target or Joann’s ASAP!

You can also hit up the dollar store. If your kids are a bit bigger, you could grab some word searches and fun books while you’re there. I am kind of addicted to the $1 books!


-Sunglasses. Not only are they fun to wear festive shades- 4th of July picnics are always bright and hot! And all that staring up at the sunset waiting for fireworks- glasses make a great accessory!

– Glow sticks, glow necklaces and glow bracelets. Once it starts getting dark, kids get ANTSY! Start the fireworks early with some fun patriotic glow sticks.

-Pinwheels! It’s hard to whine and complain when you’re blowing a pinwheel around. Enough said.

-Pinwheel straws. See above- plus add a delicious drink!

-Bubble necklaces. You can hang them around their necks, it gives them something to do, and looks cool! These keep kids occupied for a long time, and the $1 bags at Target have a TON of bubbles to go around.

-Sidewalk chalk. This is more for the daytime picnic crowd- but if you are watching fireworks from a sidewalk, chalk is a perfect distraction!

-Flags. Kids love waiving them, and today is the day to show off their pride!

this is such a great idea to keep kids happy waiting for fireworks!

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