Tiny Animal Valentines Perfect For Boys


Tiny Animal Valentines- just print and add a toy to these adorable non candy valentine treats!

Since this is my first year getting Valentines ready for one of my kids classes (my son is in tues and thurs morning preschool), I was really excited- but I haven’t found any Valentines for boys that I like. Or even some that would be good for girls or boys from a boy.

These Tiny Animal Valentines are perfect for boys – but they really would be great for little girls, too. Especially the wild animals!

There are four printable designs to chose from, or you can download the whole set.

To make these, I printed them out on HEAVY cardstock (thin computer paper wont hold the weight of a toy animal well).

I then found some inexpensive packages of tiny frogs, wild animals, dinosaurs, and crocodiles. You can find bulk small toys like these at US Toy, Oriental Trading Company, and dollar stores- usually for well under $5 for 12. You can also order here:

I then cut out the valentines (or you could print the individual ones on 5×7 blank cards- most big stores and craft stores have boxes of cards you can print on), and punched two holes through them.

I then looped some bakers twine through the card and used it to tie the animal tight to the card. Voila!

Valentines for boys- 4 awesome free printables! Just add a toy!

Took way less time than baking something, and a lot of schools don’t allow candy treats or homebaked goods (so glad our school does allow for those!!). Since lots of kids have allergies, I figured a non-candy or non-food valentine would be the easiest to give, and what kid doesn’t love little toys??

I added different “wild animals” (zebras, tigers, rhinos, etc) to the Wild animal cards…

I'm wild about you wild animal printable- this is so cute! Just print and add toy for a non candy valentine!

To download the “I’m Wild About You” card, please click here.

And added little frogs to the Your heart makes me jump cards:

you make my heart jump printable frog valentine- just add toy for this cute non candy valentine!

To download the “You Make My Heart Jump” click here.

I also thought Oh Snap! would be a fun way to give out alligators on a card:

Oh Snap crocodile toy valentine printable- just add a toy!

To download the “Oh Snap! Be My Valentine” click here.

And of course, most boys are obsessed with dinosaurs, so a little dino was perfect for You’re DINOmite!

you are dinomite tiny animal valentine- this is such a cute and easy non candy idea! just print and add toy printable!

To download the “You’re Dinomite” click here.

And if you’d like to download an 8 1/2×11 sheet with all four designs, [paiddownloads id=”82″].

For the NEW Unicorn version, head here:

These are so much fun… and I can’t wait to give them out to Finn’s class! They will be a perfect addition to his preschool’s valentines party!

21 thoughts on “Tiny Animal Valentines Perfect For Boys”

  1. Love this idea!! I could not get the “Oh Snap” one to link to the printable? (it says page not found) Might be a temporary problem but my boy really loves that one and I had hoped to print it!

  2. Courtney, I absolutely love these valentines! Great job! I’d love to include them in my printable Valentine roundup on One Creative Mommy this week. Would that be okay? I would use one image with a link to your site.

    1. I’m glad to hear that- EVERYONE in Finn’s class will be getting these. I tried to pick things that girls would like, too- I might be crafty, but I’m not making two sets of things!

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