{give great gifts} Quick and Easy Book Totes and Printable!

I have a lot of friends and family I would love to include on my gift list every year- but I can’t always fit everyone into my budget. Today I want to share a fun gift (and a free printable!!) for some of your book lovin’ friends- and you might already have the items you need to make it on hand! (If you don’t, never fear, they aren’t too costly).

If you’d like to share this printable with your friends, please link to this post and NOT to my account, or distribute this file. Help me keep fun downloads free!


You’ll need:

-Canvas tote (I purchased a bunch from for $2 each)

-Avery Light Fabric Transfer Paper

-Color Printer



-Digital Art Design – Download my “Big Books” file here , or check out this shop I LOVE on Etsy.

To get this impossibly easy, and wonderfully adorable gift, all you need to do is print out your design- you can download my “I like Big Books” design here: [paiddownloads id=”11″] , or find another. I am also showing one of my other favorites- a great Keep Calm and Carry On print I purchased on Etsy that you can find here.


The most important step is to BE SURE YOUR IMAGE IS BACKWARDS WHEN PRINTING!!! Simply flip horizontally in any picture editing software (my download is already flipped for your convenience).

Next, take your printed picture, and cut around any extra white space. I don’t go too crazy trying to get perfect lines around the design- but the less white space you have, the less residual transfer paper sine you will have. It just looks better- so go ahead and trim off any excess edges.

Once your design has been trimmed of any extra whitespace, place it on your fabric, face down. With a very hot iron (and NO STEAM), press firmly on the design, slowly going back and forth, up and down over it. I DO NOT use an ironing board because it is too soft- I find you get better results when you use a hard surface like a countertop or table (just be sure the heat wont damage your surface!).

When you have ironed your image for about two minutes (follow package instructions), let it cool for a moment. They don’t tell you this- but your design risks less “stickage” if you let it cool for a moment. Also, if you start to peel off the paper and little bits of color are coming up (like a temporary tatoo that isn’t wet enough), place the paper back down on your design, and re-press for another minute or two. Just be sure to peel the paper off slowly so you can re-adhere it and press again if needed.

Voila! A wonderful, stylish little tote for all of your friends who can use another stylish way to carry around all of their great library finds!


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6 thoughts on “{give great gifts} Quick and Easy Book Totes and Printable!”

  1. This caught my eye on “Make Something Mondays” and made me laugh! Perhaps because I’m in the midst of a 600 page book and loving it! Going to pin this on Pinterest! 🙂

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