Herbs De Provence Pork Chops

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This easy method for Herbs de Provence Pork Chops is delicious and quick – using the best method to get perfect, juicy pork chops every time! 


This is the best method for perfect pork chops! So tasty!


Pork is one of those things that is either really, really good- or really, really bad.

How many times have you gone to make pork chops, fretted over the flavors and the method, only to get undercooked pork- or worse- cardboard-like, dry, tasteless pork.

There is nothing worse, am I right?

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Today I am sharing my easy, no-fail, perfect method to cook delicious, juicy pork chops- topped with my favorite seasoning mix, an herbs de provence salt.


This secret to perfect pork chops is the best! So easy to get tender juicy pork every time!


The secret to delicious pork chops is quickly getting a good sear on the outside – cooked on very high heat to sear fast – and then baked to cook the meat all the way through. This helps lock in the pork’s juices, and keeps it from drying out- which is the #1 complaint when making pork!


I usually jump for thick, juicy, bone-in pork chops when figuring out what to buy. If you want to make this recipe with thin loin chops, you will just sear the meat, and completely skip the oven. To make sure the pork cooks through, reduce heat to medium high (instead of high), and sear on both sides- about 8 minutes.

This will get you pork that is cooked through, but still juicy and full of flavor!

Don’t believe how easy this recipe is? Check out my video below (and if you like it, please give it a thumbs up and follow me on youtube!!)


Make your own herbs de provence grilling salt- this is a great gift for fathers day and perfect for grilling poultry, fish, and steaks!

To get the herbs de provence salt recipe, head here. 

It’s less expensive than buying herbs de provence when you use it often (I love herbs de provence on pork, chicken, steaks- even salmon!), and that way you can add more of the herbs you like.


Perfect quick and easy pork chops- get great pork chops every time with this method!


This recipe is an easy one pot pork meal and is paleo, whole 30, and low carb diet friendly. Each serving of pork is under 300 calories!


Herbs De Provence Pork Chops




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Herbs de provence pork chops- this method is the best way for perfec tpork chops!

The best way to get perfect pork chops every time!



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  1. These do look beautifully cooked! I love that you give the temp, too. Thanks for bringing this by Throwback Thursday and we’re looking forward to next week’s post already! I’ll be pinning it to our board, so please follow us there! 🙂


  2. Yum! I love a good pork chop. We don’t have them all that often, but after seeing these I am craving one. I’m putting pork chops on the grocery list now!

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