Horchata Spiked Latte

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Delicious notes of cinnamon gives this Horchata Spiked Latte a festive spiced flavor that is great any time of day!

Horchata spiked latte- this is so creamy, warming and delicious!



I’m pretty sure they will murder me for telling this story, but there was one Christmas in my 20’s that one of my family members had a little too much fun at a Christmas Eve party.

There was a ton of silliness involved in that night– and a quite painful Christmas morning that involved scooting down the stairs on their backside to get up and open up Christmas presents, followed by a little spiked coffee to bring them back to life.

It was one of those family stories that will live on in infamy– if not because, frankly, in my family it isn’t a proper holiday without a tipple (or four).

And on the slow, snowy days surrounding Christmas and New Year’s, we love to start the festivities in the morning and sit and chat, play games, or just hang out and cook all day.

This drink is the perfect pick-me up after a long holiday night- a little hair of the dog- for mornings when you literally Cant. Even. It’ll even help you soothe your pain from the night before and make scooting down the stairs a bit more memorable!

Horchata Spiked Latte- this is the tastiest drink ever!

Those fun and cozy days are full of family memories- but they are also often full of warm and comforting cups of festive drinks.

This Spiked Horchata Latte is full of delicious Christmasy cinnamon and espresso, and is sure to get your day going right!

Of course, this drink can be made with decaf coffee or even hot cocoa, and plain (non-vodka) horchata.

But then… why even?

horchata spiked latte- so delicious!


Horchata Spiked Latte



This spiked horchata latte sounds so amazing!

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