Shoyu Sesame Shabu Shabu Dipping Sauce

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Elevate your shabu shabu dinner party or any asian meal with this salty, decadent Shoyu Sesame Shabu Shabu Dipping Sauce – it tastes like a rich peanut sauce, without any peanuts! 

shoyu sesame shabu shabu sauce- this is the most delicious asian inspired dipping sauce!



I recently threw a shabu shabu dinner party night that focused on delicious, fresh food cooked right there on the table- and accented with one of my favorite La Crema Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley.

Shabu shabu is a delicious, interactive, and entertaining dinner where everyone gathers around a hot pot to cook their own food- and is always accompanied by some seriously delicious sauces. While a high quality ponzu sauce should always be a part of any shabu shabu, my favorite sauce by far is this delicious, salty, peanut-tasting (but completely peanut-free) Shoyu Sesame Shabu Shabu Sauce.

It is great on meat, vegetables… even rice! I could seriously drink this sauce I love it so much.


Ideas for a delicious shabu shabu dinner party at home!


Shabu shabu is a delicious hot pot style meal that originates from Japan- and involves quickly cooking meat in boiling broth or water.

I’m sharing all of my tips and tricks for a gorgeous, fun, and wonderful shabu shabu dinner party over on the La Crema blog- be sure to head here and check it out!

You’ll find decor tips, a recipe for a good broth, and ideas for how to get your party started!


Love this shabu shabu dinner party- such a fun themed dinner party!


Shabu shabu is a really fun party because it’s a completely interactive dinner- guests get to pick their own meals and cook them right there on the table.

It is impossible to not have a fantastic conversation and a ton of fun when around a shabu shabu pot – it’s a sure way to get the party started!

It’s also a really delicious meal, and pretty healthy, especially since it makes vegetables taste so good! I seriously end up eating about three times more vegetables than meat when having shabu shabu- and that is not a normal occurrence for me! I love how tender and delicious the vegetables get- but they still have a bit of snap and a super fresh flavor. It is an irresistible meal!


Such a fun dinner party idea- I love this shabu shabu dinner!

The La Crema Willamette Valley Pinot Noir was an amazing complement to the dinner- the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir’s notes of cherry and mocha helped cut through the amazingly delicious and salty sauces.

My favorite shabu shabu sauce is this incredible Shoyu Sesame Shabu Shabu Dipping Sauce – and it is so easy to make!




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