One Pot Low Fat Paleo Mexican Chicken Stir Fry

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Easy one pot paleo mexican chicken stir fry – under 300 calories per serving, only 6.4 carbohydrates, and packed with 47.2 grams of low fat protein in just 20 minutes!

one pot paleo mexican chicken stir fry


It’s that time of year again— when we’re trying to stick to resolutions to get healthier, more in shape, and into the groove of eating better.

AKA- my least favorite time, ever.

If I had my way, I’d eat cheese, crackers, and chocolate around the clock. And wash it down with gallons of wine.

Eating healthy just isn’t the most delicious- and it takes a lot of work and planning. For me to get really into eating healthy, I rely on simple, un-fussy meals that focus on lean protein that come together quickly without much fuss.

Today I am re-sharing one of my favorites from last year because I just made it again, and man oh man, is it a WIN!!!!

This one pot mexican chicken stir fry is a delicious paleo and gluten free dish!

If you’re sticking to a diet, it can be hard to find quick, easy and delicious meals you can whip up in a few minutes that will keep you full, satisfied, and keep you going strong on your diet.

This one pot paleo mexican chicken stir fry is a delicious, quick and incredibly healthy meal that is whole 30, paleo, low carb and take shape for life compliant.

It is naturally gluten free, has an ideal balance of fats, protein and carbohydrates- and has a ton of delicious whole food flavor!

This dinner only takes 20 minutes to make, start to finish. You can’t get any more easy than that when it comes to fresh, healthy meals- and with over 42 grams of low-fat protein, this meal is a MAJOR win!

Low Carb Paleo Mexican Chicken Stir Fry

And it cooks in only one pot so you have less dirty dishes to clean! We cook the peppers and broccoli with the chicken to maximize flavor without having to add additional calories.

one pot paleo mexican stir fry- this is so delicious and works on the take shape for life plan!


To make this recipe adaptable for a take shape for life plan as your lean & green meal, make sure you watch the spices in coordination with your condiments allowance for the day. The olive oil takes up your 1 healthy fat allowance, and the spices will use up your 3 condiment servings. I have noted that the chili powder is optional as it would take you over your condiment servings for the day.

The photo in the dish represents a lean and green meal serving size- I picked out chicken and weighed it out to 6 ounces, and measured out 3 1/2 cup servings of the vegetables. Since cooking the chicken with the broccoli and peppers makes it more flavorful, without adding additional calories.


One Pot Low Fat Paleo Mexican Chicken Stir Fry


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one pot paleo mexican chicken stir fry

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