Spicy Skillet Linguica Queso Dip

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Super easy Spicy Skillet Linguica Queso Dip takes just 4 main ingredients and under 15 minutes with all real food! No fake cheese, tons of flavor!

spicy chorizo with linguica - this is full of flavor and so easy!


It’s only January- but it’s time to start planning for the biggest day of the year in a lot of households.

No, I’m not talking Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday- I am talking big game time! It will soon be football playoff season, and then time for the biggest game of them all, and that often means figuring out delicious, full of guilt, cheesy, rich, spicy, foods to bring to parties and tailgates.

My guilty pleasure every year?


Seriously. If it was acceptable in society (or by my waistline), I’d drink queso instead of water. I’d wash down salty pork parts with a big, giant glass of cheesy goodness. I literally love queso that much!

I have a few queso recipes here on the site- an easy cheeseburger dip, two ingredient crack dip, and green chile skillet queso.

I love this recipe just because of how easy it is – and free of preservatives! It’s based all on real foods- no fake cheese or velveeta.


Spicy linguica queso- no velveeta or processed foods, and it is SO easy and delicious!


This is one of the most delicious big game appetizers ever- and it is so easy!

While there are a couple ingredients listed as garnish, the actual dip is just four ingredients – and just one pan for this delicious appetizer!


This creamy cheese dip is full of delicious lingica sausage and is so easy to make!


This stuff is SO good- it is addictive and I can’t stop eating it! It’s really delicious on tostadas and in tacos and quesadillas as well.


This queso is so easy and delicious- and full of spicy linguica sausage!


I love how stretchy and creamy this dip is – and how it’s free of preservatives and fake cheese. It’s fresh and delicious, and so easy!


This spicy queso is made with fresh ingredients- no processed junk and it is so easy!

Spicy Skillet Linguica Queso Dip


Green Chile Linguica Skillet Queso- so delicious and easy!


If you’re looking for more delicious appetizers, check out what I am pinning on my appetizer board on Pinterest!


7 thoughts on “Spicy Skillet Linguica Queso Dip”

  1. This looks insanely good! I can’t wait to try it – maybe game day!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Throwback Thursday! I’m looking forward to what you’ll have next week! 🙂


  2. Oh my word this looks amazing! Seriously!! Saying hi from the Creative Muster link party, and just to make sure I don´t miss your recipes, I followed you on your social media channels too 🙂

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