The Best Homemade Movie Style Butter Popcorn

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This is the best homemade movie style butter popcorn recipe ever- with very simple ingredients and easy to follow instructions! No fancy equipment needed- just a pot with a lid! 

The best movie style popcorn ever- YUMMY!!


My poor husband LOVES going to the movies. He’d pretty much live in a movie theater if he could. He loves everything about it- and I am kind of a movie grump.

Don’t get me wrong- I love the movies- but it’s always so crowded, you have to deal with listening to people chomp and fuss with food, if you have to get up to pee you can’t pause the show- and it’s so expensive! I know, I am a killjoy- but I love just cuddling up with a good movie and a glass of wine at home.

Except…. the popcorn. I LOVE movie theater popcorn! It’s hands down the best part of going to the movies, am I right??

The best homemade butter popcorn- tastes just like the movies with no fake stuff!

That’s why I am so excited to have a recipe for The Best Homemade Movie Style Popcorn. It is so addictive, easy, and delicious!

Don’t believe how easy it is?

Check it out!

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My top secret? GHEE!

This buttery popcorn is so delicious and easy- no fake stuff with tons of movie style flavor!


A lot of people (myself included) get a bit freaked out by the term ghee- but it is just a type of clarified butter. It gives this popcorn a rich, salty, perfect flavor- and is super easy to cook with. I love ghee!

Hot tip- you can buy ghee for the BEST price at Trader Joe’s. I buy a couple bottles at a time. It’s amazing, and is SO delicious to cook with. I love it with broccoli, brussels sprouts, just about everything!


To get the perfect salt, you really need to buy a small tin of popcorn salt. It is very, very fine (so it spreads more easily) – and helps get the perfect flavor! You can usually find popcorn salt with seasonings in your grocery store- sometimes it is also with popcorn kernels. If you can’t find any, no worries! Pop some regular salt in a coffee grinder or food processor and pulse until super fine.

You can easily add other flavors to this recipe- like add some truffle salt, rosemary, fresh grated parmesan cheese… the options are endless!

This popcorn is delicious and just like movie theater butter flavor- at home!

The Best Homemade Movie Style Butter Popcorn



homemade buttered popcorn- just like movie theater with no fake stuff! Its so easy and delicious!

7 thoughts on “The Best Homemade Movie Style Butter Popcorn”

  1. I love this idea of using ghee! I also like that you mentioned you can break down your salt – I do it all the time with sugar, too.

    Thanks for linking up to us on Throwback Thursday, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll bring next week! 🙂


  2. Sooooo good! We always pop on the stove but usually in evoo and result salt….I tracked down ghee and popcorn salt….. tonight movie night with the fam! What a treat! Thx for sharing!!!

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