{Give Great Gifts} Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

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This week in the {Give Great Gifts} series, I am focusing on some wonderful ideas you can make for under $10. You heard that right- Under $10! Today’s gift is perfect for grandmas, office mates, neighbors, teachers, friends- just about anyone who enjoys some nice fragrance! I’m showing How to Make Your Own Reed Diffuser!

How to make your own reed diffuser

You’ll need:

-Small oil bottle or jar you have around the house (one pictured is $2.50 from Walmart)

-BBQ skewers ($2, hardware, grocery or discount store) *i know, you’re thinking do those really work? Yes! Because they are designed to be soaked before bbq sessions, they are really absorbent and make for perfect scent carriers! You can cut off the sharp tips if you’d like*

-Essential oil (you will only need 1-2 tablespoons full) (starting at $4 for 2-4 ounces- or use some you already have around the house. If you’re buying the oil just for diffusers, you could make MANY diffusers from one oil bottle). Price per tablespoon $.50 or less.

-Baby oil          (Do not use baby oil for reselling these- use a professional grade scent carrier oil. While it works wonderfully in the home, I don’t know that it will give you the absolute best results- this is for gift/non-resale use only).

You will likely already have a lot of these items on hand, so the price per diffuser could be almost nothing! If you are looking for a great oil source, I use BrambleBerry- but your health food store will also have a great, affordable selection.


First, lay out all of your items. I picked a lovely lemon verbena scent- it’s awesome. I like light, clean scents like citrus- but you could pick a fir or pine scent to perfectly accent the holiday season.


First, pour the baby oil in the jar. I ran out of baby oil when the jar was 1/4 full- but fill it up a little over 1/2 full.

Next, drop in a tablespoon of essential oil. Let it sit for a minute, and then see if the scent is strong enough. If not, add a little more, a few drops at a time. It is much easier to slowly add more drops of oil than have to dilute the oil if the scent is WAY too strong!

Finally, drop in the wood skewers! I let them soak for about 1/2 hour, and then take them out and put them in the other way.

Make your own reed diffuser for under $10


You can dress up your diffuser any way you’d like- etch the glass, make a vinyl decal- anything! The bottle I bought same with a glass stopper which would make it perfect for gift giving (and transporting). I found it in the kitchen section of Walmart for under $3!

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give great gifts

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What are some of YOUR favorite under $10 gifts?

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  1. I think this looks like a fun, easy way to freshen your house. I’m not sure about cat compatibility but I’m going to try it out.

  2. Great job! Thanks for linking up with us and hope you join us again this Wednesday! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  3. This is great I’m so going to make one for the toilet with 3 boys in our house you can just imagine thats an unpleasant place. hehe. Thank-you so much xx

  4. Hi! Stopping by from somewhat simple. What a great gift idea! Thank you! Im going to make some of these for the ladies in my family 🙂 I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party too!