Roasted Green Bean Salad

Quick, simple, and fresh – this four ingredient roasted green bean salad is a tasty side dish that everyone loves! Whole 30 and Paleo diet friendly. Under 65 calories a serving! 

Roasted green bean salad- this is such a delicious and easy side dish!


During the holidays, the focus is always on the spectacular. Rich meats and calorie-packed desserts, tons of wine and treats, and cookies for days.

One thing that always gets overlooked (at least for me, I’ll fess up), are the veggies.

While I was frantically figuring out our Christmas dinner (that morning, natch) – I realized we were sorely lacking in the fresh, green stuff. Never fear, I thought, you have some green beans and onions- time to make my college staple of roasted green beans! That can totally work for a big, fancy dinner, right? (Nevermind it HAD to work, as every store even remotely near our pretty rural house was closed for a day and we had company coming in a few hours—)

So, I added the fresh stuff to a pan, drizzled it with a little olive oil, and decided to gussy my old college recipe up with some cherry tomatoes. I figured they’d burst and get all wrinkly and toasted and oh so caramely-delicious, and I was right.

They were a fabulous last minute entry, and dare I say, they saved the big meal! (Who am I kidding, the turkey and the glazed ham were the stars. But my bacon brussels sprouts and this lovely roasted salad made us feel like the fourteen gallons of mashed potatoes weren’t soooo bad).

And while we ate this for Christmas dinner, this lovely little roasted salad is perfect anytime. Even in summer months- it’s even tasty packed for a picnic! This is the easiest, most simple way to make green beans- and it is SO flavorful.


This is such a delicious and easy side dish- this roasted green bean salad is so good!


Just look at all that color! It’s really quite lovely. If you don’t have a white onion on hand, grab a red onion. I am not a huge fan of red onions (nothing against them, but white onions are my jam), but in this dish, they are also spectacular.

You can also pre-sauté your onions in a tiny bit of olive oil before adding to the green beans and popping in the oven if you like them a little on the crunchier side.


This roasted green bean salad is a delicious and easy healthy side dish!


Not only is this recipe perfect for whole 30 and paleo diets- it is super simple and cleans up in a breeze. Just pop a sheet of parchment paper under the green beans, and all you have to do to clean up is toss the paper away!

Can you tell why this was my college favorite, or what?


This is the easiest, most delicious roasted green bean salad!


Roasted Green Bean Salad



Roasted green bean salad- a delicious, quick and easy healthy side dish!

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