Salted Lime Tequila Shooters

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Salted lime tequila shooters- THIS is the best way to drink tequila! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

It’s almost Cinco De Mayo time- and while the usual Cinco De Mayo festivities for me include more chips, salsa, and tacos than tequila (it’s a long story- but let’s just say we don’t really get along), i had to share this super fun, easy and delicious way to celebrate- Salted Lime Tequila Shooters! But- before we get started: using lime hulls as a cup doesn’t contain alcohol, but if you use these as intended to serve tequila, please only serve to people over 21, and do NOT drink and drive. Celebrating isn’t really fun in jail… and just one shot of tequila could land you there! Let’s all celebrate responsibly!

Now, I’ve been planning to put this post out a while, and I know the recent lime shortage makes this a little pricey… which is a total and complete buzzkill. But if you live in a place where limes aren’t $2 a piece (you lucky schmuck!!!), don’t mind reusing (which I totally do and condone) or are using lime juice in a recipe already and have the lime hulls to spare- this is one drink twist you don’t want to miss!

Hot tip: you can also use key limes. They are smaller, and a little bit of a different taste, but are much less expensive right now. And when the price of limes comes back down (someday, someday!!!) you’ll be glad to have this awesome presentation in your bag of party tricks!


tequila shooters IN a lime- this is genius! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!


To start, you’ll need to cut a clean, washed lime in half. It is important to clean the limes since you’ll be touching it with your mouth!

Then fully juice the lime, and set aside for another recipe. That stuff is GOLD right now, so don’t let it go to waste! You can slide your spoon along the pith to gently scoop some of it out, but I like to leave it in for extra flavor.

Pat the lime dry.

Cut just a small part off the base of the lime, so it can stand upright on it’s own. Do not cut so far you have a hole in the lime- you’re cutting just enough off to make a small flat surface.

Dip the rim of the lime in a small bowl of water, then shake of excess liquid.

Dip the rim of the lime in cocktail salt.

Carefully pour tequila into lime.

Now you’re shooter has lime, salt and tequila- IN ONE PLACE! No need to repeat college shenanigans… you know, unless you want to. I won’t judge. (Ok, I’ll judge a bit.)


These are awesome to serve at parties! You can rub a little alcohol on the limes after people drink out of them if you’re germ-phobic and trying to make the precious lime hulls last- or ask your guests to hang on to their shooters. You can also serve mini margaritas in them, or use them as a vessel for jello shots.

tequila shooters- in a lime! This is brilliant!

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  1. This looks adorable! I can’t wait to try making these. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner…but why wait for May 5th…

    Thank you for a sweet idea!