Traditional supra in Georgia

Georgian Supra – a Traditional Wine Feast

Not technically a party, and yet so much more than a dinner- a Supra has a lot of components that come together to form an outstanding gathering. They are incredibly well-planned and orchestrated beautifully- making a traditional Supra one of the most beautiful and fun experiences you can have! This post is sponsored by La […]

9 delicious paleo pastas- the tastes you crave without breaking a low carb diet!.jpg

9 Paleo Pastas You’ll Love!

With summer in full swing, I’ve been trying to lighten up mealtime. Unfortunately, sometimes I just want the warm, comfort foods I crave- but without all the starches and extra calories. These delicious paleo pastas are gluten free, low carb, and help lower your caloric intake by adding vegetables instead of pasta for a delicious, […]