Last Minute Valentine’s Pennant Wreath

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Flirty Pennant Banner Wreath from Sarah for Sweet C's Designs

Hello!  This is Sarah from Craft Quickies, thrilled to be guest posting again on Sweet C’s!  Today I am bringing you a tutorial for my simple but lovely Flirty Pennant Banner Wreaths.  They were cheap and easy to make, but I love the way that they look on my front door!  You can customize them to your own style by using any fabric, ribbon, and embellishments that you would like.

Now let’s get started!

Start with two 18 inch straw wrapped wreaths.  I love how cheap the straw wreaths are.  Styrofoam is expensive.  Blech.  Do not unwrap the wreaths!  That will just make things messy.

Now cut strips of fabric.  Mine were about 3 inches wide.  Hot glue a strip to the wreath and start wrapping, dabbing hot glue every couple of wraps to keep things firmly in place.  Make sure all of your strips end on back of the wreath, along with all of the dabs of glue.  Once I finished wrapping the wreaths I sprayed them with a layer of acrylic sealant spray.

Flirty Pennant Banner Wreath 1


Now glue two strips of ribbon to the back of your wreaths.  Be sure to angle them in a way that you think is cute.



Flirty Pennant Banner Wreath 2


The next step is to plan out your pennants.  You can either make actual little pennants with foam sheets or fabric, or you can use foam heart stickers like mine.  I got mine at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Michael’s.  I decided to use foam so that my wreaths would be more weatherproof in hopes that they could survive a Colorado February.  Lay them out in the order in which you want them.

Flirty Pennant Banner Wreath 3

Now hot glue your pennants or hearts onto the ribbon.


Flirty Pennant Banner Wreath 4


You are done!  Can you believe how easy that was?!  Now go hang them up and enjoy!

Flirty Pennant Banner Wreath 5

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Flirty Pennant Banner Wreath 6


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