Embellished Rosette Headband

I’m constantly in need of fun, fast and non-fussy ways to dress up little Baby B and her fuzzy head. Until she has enough hair for barrettes, I am firmly in the headband camp.

In honor of the Fourth of July coming up, I threw together this lovely little Embellished Rosette Headband- based on my fabric rosettes. This is super simple to make, and doesn’t require a sewing machine or any special skills- just a little glue and some creativity.

To check out full details on my fabric rosette method, check this post. Then, gather up some:

-Soft headband elastic (I got mine on Pick Your Plum- watch closely as I’ve seen it come up a few times. You can also use any kind of soft elastic or a stretchy headband).

-fabric strip at least 20″ long

-embroidered brad (or any kind of decorative brad)

-fabric mod podge or hot glue (regular mod podge will not work- and be VERY careful of your fingers if hot gluing)

-aligator clip or barrette

This is a pretty easy craft, so I will let the pictures do the talking:

6 thoughts on “Embellished Rosette Headband”

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  2. Wow. This is very cute. This headband will look awesome on my baby girl. We are planning to go out tomorrow in a party and I am signing out to make this beautiful gift for her. You explained it very well. Thank you.

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