Pot O Gold Rainbow Ice Cream Sundae


With a very Irish family (we even named our kids after Irish saints- and our last name starts with O’), I just HAD to come up with a fun, colorful and festive Saint Patricks Day dessert– and these Pot O’ Gold Ice Cream Sundaes are sure to be the hit of any leprechauns party!

This is an awesome dessert for any occasion- even the upcoming Olympics! It kind of resembles an Olympic torch as well as a pot o’ gold.

And let’s not fool ourselves- however you present this, kids love fun bright colors. Rainbow ice cream sundaes can easily be made ahead and placed in the freezer until it is serving time!

pot o gold ice cream sundae - this is so cute!

My kids love learning about colors, so I threw them a rainbow party where we colored rainbows, learned all about which color was which, and ate some yummy rainbow food. The big hit of the day was the ice cream- no surprise there! Kids love ice cream, candy, chocolate and bright colors- and this dessert has them all!

When sitting on a pedestal, this ice cream sundae looks a bit like an Olympic torch, doesn’t it? I made this special treat with Saint Partick’s Day in mind, but this sundae is a fun way to celebrate lots of occasions!

Make a rainbow ice cream sundae for the Olympics or St Patricks Day!

To make these, you will need a few simple ingredients and some quick fingers. They weren’t difficult when I dunked the ice cream waffle bowls in a chocolate melting pot to cover the bowl- but the chocolate dried a bit more quickly than my fingers could work. I tried painting the chocolate on with a silicon brush- and that was far more successful. Paint a little way along and add the candies as you go, repeating around the waffle bowl.


Rainbow Ice Cream Sundaes - these are so cute and easy to make for parties!

Pot O Gold Rainbow Ice Cream Sundae
  • 1 waffle bowl
  • 1 container of star shaped candies, divided
  • star sprinkles
  • 1 bag melted chocolate
  • 2 scoops vanilla bean ice cream
  1. Dip waffle bowl in melted chocolate, or brush chocolate along part of bowl
  2. Place candies along bottom of bowl in melted chocolate until sides of bowl are completely covered with candies.
  3. When bowl is covered, place in refrigerator to completely set- about 10 minutes.
  4. Scoop in ice cream and more melted chocolate- even chocolate sauce or magic shell
  5. Top with yellow star sprinkles and enjoy!
  6. (can be made ahead of party and placed back in freezer so it is ready when it is serving time).

Pot 'o Gold rainbow ice cream sundaes- great for St Patricks Day or birthday parties!

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