Quick and Easy Spooky Entryway

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quick and easy spooky entry decor

Disclosure: I was given a gift card for supplies for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own. 🙂

I’ve been struggling to decorate our entryway in a way I really love.. so when Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores asked me to make a spooky space from some of their fall decor, I jumped at the chance to show some Quick and Easy Spooky Entryway Decor Ideas!

My husband purchased some old Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels from O’Dells Brewery in Fort Collins a while ago, and they have just been gathering dust in our garage- which is a shame, because they are SO neat! I rolled one of the bad boys out and propped it in front of our door as the stage for my spooky space. You could use an old sewing table, garden cart or other wood table if you don’t have a big barrel just laying around (if you do want one, local breweries that oak their beers usually sell them very inexpensively since they have already been used quite a few times. Check their facebook pages or on craigslist!)

You’ll also notice two antique skis in the background- I keep them up all the time. They aren’t really spooky- but since October is the start of ski season in Colorado, and they are my husband’s grandpa’s old skis, I kept them up anyways. Don’t feel like all your decor has to be perfectly matchy-matchy- do what YOU like.

I joined two fall leaf swags together and draped them over the barrel, and displayed two Faux Milk Glass Pumpkins (made from Funkins from Jo-Ann), a mini pumpkin little man picked out at the pumpkin patch on a candlestick, and a fall wreath.

easy fall entryway decor- perfect last minute ideas for halloween!

I also wanted to make a mock chalk pumpkin, so I took a black pumpkin I found at Jo-Ann and scribbled a rough and spooky “Boo!” with a white paint marker. For a little more chalk look, just trace over it a few times. Don’t worry much about handwriting- I actually like a rougher look because it’s more spooky!

I finished up the look with some 3d bat sihlouettes from Martha Stewart’s holiday line at Jo-Ann. They were SO easy to put up- just fold and stick using the adhesive dots included! The dots are sticky enough to cling to the wall, but didn’t leave residue or look like they would pull up paint. I even added some inside!

Here’s a corner of my kitchen (which I realize I still haven’t shown you the remodel of… patience, friends while I keep shopping for some new chairs! Our dining room chairs are currently in our kitchen and DO. NOT. GO. AT. ALL. All in good time!).

quick and easy spooky 3d bats




I created this as a part of the Jo-Ann #spookyspaces campaign! You can find out all sorts of inspiration in the Creativity Made Simple part of their website.


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