Spooky Sweet Halloween Dessert Table

halloween dessert table


I love Halloween decorating. It is so fun and funky, and I wanted to share this antique vignette meets sweet treat dessert table I made to celebrate.

To get the look, I mixed lots of new, old, metal and wood materials.

I cut out a black vinyl crow silhouette on my cricut (I used the Happy Hauntings cartridge from my Craft Room software), and stuck it to the wall, inside an aged frame I painted with white chalk paint (they hang in my living room empty all the time- you can snag great, elaborate frames at Goodwill for under $10 sometimes).

I made my dessert bar menu by printing onto heavy cardstock and used the traveling typrewriter font. The stiff cardstock helps because if you use plain paper, it is a little floppy in an old typewriter. This stand more upright. This antique typewriter has been in my family for years (it was my great grandfathers), but you can find them at antique stores anywhere from $20-$50. They are fabulous for decor!

I also displayed my Witches Brew by placing it on stacked antique books to give some visual interest to the display. I poured my Monster Munch muddy buddies into an antique sliver ice bucket (leave it tarnished for a spooky feel), and set out spooky candy necklaces. More info on the food soon!

I displayed everything on a rolling metal cart we have. It had an industrial-shop-of-horrors kind of feel to it. You could easily take some of these design elements and add them into your own dessert table, or Halloween vignette!

awesome ideas for mixing old and new items to create a spooky display!



Stay tuned for tomorrows post: Monster Munch Muddy Buddies!! So delicious, cute and fun! (they are hanging out in the silver bucket pictured above).

monster munch muddy buddies

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